Perquimans County Restoration Association, Inc.

Bring the Plank House Here…and then Back to Life!

As Members of PCRA, or just lovers of history, it is time to step forward and become part of a new chapter just as the community did 50 years ago when the Newbold-White house was rediscovered under a tin roof and behind dilapidated front and rear porches.

The Plank House dates from the early 1700s and will “stand in” for one of the out-buildings we know that Abraham Sanders had when he lived here from 1730 until 1751.

Ned Hipp bought the house 40 years ago from Ben Hobbs, took it apart, moved it and then stored it in a dry barn near his home outside Winston-Salem. Ned has unfortunately passed away before ever getting the chance to rebuild the house -- but he left his thoughts:

“This house originally set where the high school in Elizabeth City is today. It was moved across highway 17 and that is where I first saw the house. It was then moved from there to Hertford, NC and put on 4” concrete blocks for a foundation. After a hurricane blew the house off its foundation, I bought the house. All the wood is cypress, it was weather boarded and was riven (meaning split, not sawn). Where it was joined at the end, it is ship lapped. The planks and weather board had a beaded edge. The house had a canted plate, this is what the rafters set on; the plate was on the ends of the ceiling joist outside the building.”

The Plank House, now in pieces, must be moved back to Hertford, stored, sorted, and then reassembled. A multi-faceted challenge! Volunteer hours and funding will help us fulfill his dreams and OUR NEW MISSION.

The Plank House will give us additional opportunities to expand our educational mission of portraying how Abraham and Judith Sanders lived with their family on this site. Cooking, weaving, spinning, and other activities can be demonstrated in this new setting and provide expanded areas of interest to our visitors.

Below you will see the current condition of the pieces…

Blank House Pieces Blank House Pieces Blank House Pieces
Blank House Pieces Blank House Pieces Blank House Pieces Blank House Pieces

By simply UNDERWRITING the restoration of planks, doors, window, and bricks, etc., YOU can help US bring The Plank House home to Hertford for reassembly. There’s NO limit to how many planks YOU support! Place your name on a piece of history and earn the thanks of future generations of visitors and students.

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