Perquimans County 
Restoration Association, Inc.

Recreational Trail

The Newbold-White House has its very own Recreation Trail to the Perquimans River and better yet–
the trail is open year round.

The Recreation Trail is straight forward – about a mile round-trip - and is flat, wide, and an easy walk.  Visitors are encouraged to take time to explore the shoreline, a nearby swamp, and the boaters dock.  It is a humble outing, but an interesting one.

The trails starts with views of the historic buildings and ends at the beautiful Perquimans River.  A nearby Bald Cypress Swamp adds to the scenery.


Along the way, you may spot deer.  Hoards of mussels are usually present in the river, and typically, there is evidence of  raccoons or other animals that frequent the rivers edge.  Look closely for footprints in the sand.

The trail passes through plantation lands, so you will see cotton or peanut crops.  Bald cypress trees, Spanish moss, and mistletoe are prevalent to the area.  There also are black walnut trees, hickory trees, and China berry bushes.  However, it is the fungus and cypress knarls that steal the show for many visitors.

Perquimans County Restoration Association
151 Newbold-White Rd., Hertford, North Carolina 27944
Phone: 252.426.7567

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