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Restoration Association, Inc.

Event Applications

PCRA Event Application

Title/ Name of Event: *


Name of Person and Group Applying:: *


Telephone #:






 Times (start & finish):

 Site Location(at PCRA specify areas):

 A. Revenue to be generated:

 B. PCRA upfront costs in dollars

 C. Number of committee/volunteer hours needed:

D. Number of event workers desired: 


 E. list 3 accountable people & contact info that are helping:


 1) Name & Number:


 2) Name & Number:


 3) Name & Number:




 F.  Propsed Timeline: include planning, execution & clean-up


1) Planning

 2) Execution


 3) Clean-up

 G. Event Coordinators info for Site Administrator


Thank you for applying.            Evelyn Higerd, 426-7055, will respond soon.

Perquimans County Restoration Association
151 Newbold-White Rd., Hertford, North Carolina 27944
Phone: 252.426.7567

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